WokMe grew out of a small recipe section on the original Intown site, the visitor base grew rapidly so we saw the potential of a stand alone site – this became WokMe.

WokMe celebrates the flavours of the Orient, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and the like, we explain the ingredients and the techniques used to create some amazing Asian inspired dishes.

Wokme features an easy to understand recipe section where you can learn to prepare authentic, delicious and mouth watering dishes in your home. There are many stories which help give the understanding of the history, culture and preperation behind the dishes and ingredients.

We have included an Asian beer section in Wokme which contains stories on some of the more popular beers in the region. Our taste tips make it easy to  perfectly match a beer to your dishes.

Wokme.com also features a small travel section which will introduce you the highlights of each country, there are tips on getting to and from the country, getting around, accommodation, things to do, and quiet a few dining and nightlife ideas. We also have a fantastic photo gallery taken on our recent visits to give you a real taste of what is in store.