Happy Jappy was born out of trying to research a visit to Japan in 2005. We found that finding informative information and tips was a bit daunting and confusing, so hatched a plan to produce a Japanese travel site to solve this dilemma.

The Intown team has travelled to Japan four times researching and expanding Happy Jappy. It is now a great resource for anyone wishing to visit this amazing and interesting country. We have extensive city guides, plenty of tips on food, customs and things to do and see. There are informative maps and photos plus plenty of ideas to ensure you make the most out of a visit to Japan and really enjoy your experience.

Happy Jappy also features some of the more offbeat which helps makes Japan such a different and special place. Lean about things you can only experience in Japan like Love and Capsule Hotels, their amazing electronic toilets, the cartoon characters, cosplay and plastic food, pachinko gambling halls just to name a few oddities.

The site also makes travelling the extensive and ultramodern transport systems a breeze with plenty of tips and plans to get around within and between the major cities. The site offers many valuable tips to help you travel on a budget- Japan need not cost you a fortune to visit, you can easily do it on the cheap and not miss out on any of the experience or fun and have money left over for some great Japanese goodies.

Happy Jappy also features a Japanese food section; there are many misconceptions that Japanese food is all about raw fish and seaweed.  Well sure seafood is one of the most popular dishes but Japanese food is so much more, it is beautifully prepared and often very decorative and there are huge array of flavours, textures and tastes. And for those not to adventurous there are some very tasty and interesting takes on western style food available all over Japan. You certainly won’t go hungry.