In the early 1990’s we dabbled in a new technology called the internet with our first website, this simple website grew and later transformed into Gizmo Highway, spawning the Intown Network as we know it today.

Gizmo Highway is all about technology – past, present and future. We have an extensive range of stories on some of the technological milestones of our time including many simple and humble inventions which have become common day products we now take for granted.

We have an array of stories on gadgets, cutting edge cars, robotics, aircraft and space technologies. We feature some of the pioneers in technology like Henry Ford, John Logie Baird and Thomas Alva Edison and explore their ground breaking inventions, products and legacy.

Another popular section is “how things work’ where you can learn in simple terms how and why some every day items work, like engines, fuel cells, computers and the DVD.  Our history section looks at some incredible moments in technology, like the Concorde, the Russian Concorde the Tupolev TU-144 and even some of the more simple products like the sewing machine and kettle.

There are some helpful DIY tips on setting up your TV and surround sound and cleaning your VCR to name a few.

We are currently working on a major upgrade to Gizmo Highway which will add new innovations, stories and enhancements to the site- stay tuned for more details.