Q.What is the Intown Network
A. The Intown network is a series of web portals run by us (Intown Entertainment). These portals are filled with information for web users on topics such as travel, technology and food. Part of the Intown Network is Intown Geelong (www.intown.com.au), this is our city guide for our home town in Australia, the place where the Intown Network all started.

Q. Where is Intown Based?
A. Intown is based in Geelong, Australia – which is the second largest city in Victoria after Melbourne. It is about an hours drive from Melbourne and is the gateway to many of Australia’s premier tourist destinations including the Great Ocean Road and the Surf Coast with famous beaches like Torquay and Bells Beach only 20 minutes from the city.

Q. How long has Intown been running?
A. Intown dates back to around 1994 when our technology site which has become Gizmo Highway started. The Intown Geelong website started in 1998 and more recently Tripandom, Hoppsy, Happy Jappy and Within Cooee have joined the network.

Q. Are there any plans to expand the Intown network?
A. Yes we are working on a few special projects which will be released a little further down the track to help compliment our network.

Q. You mention of free listings for tourist related businesses and events in the Geelong region on your www.intown.com.au website – there must be a catch? Nothing is free!
A. No there is no catch, it is 100% free, as long as you meet the reasonable conditions we will publish your information.
This helps in two ways, helps promote the Geelong region and gives visitors a one stop website where they can find everything they are looking for.

Q. Why would I advertise on the Intown Network when I can get my very own website?
A. If you have your own website you need to get visitors to visit it to be of any use, Intown already has thousands of visitors a day that could be looking at your Intown Feature or Banner Ad.
The Intown Team have been constantly researching what makes the search engines tick for over 12 years, a link from Intown to your site will not only give you more visitors from our huge visitor base but will also help improve your ranking in the search engines.
You can spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars setting up your own site, paying for hosting and updating before you get a visitor. With Intown you can tap into a flourishing visitor base, and remember if you let Intown design your own website we will promote your site on the Intown network for free to give your website a kick start in the search engines.

Q. If I already have a website can Intown help get more visitors to my site?
A. The Intown network has a huge visitor base, with people searching on a wide variety of topics and due to our longevity and content we are very strong in the major search engines. Being linked to the Intown Network will help your search engine ranking and your site will feed off our visitor base.
The Intown Network has thousands of visitors a day which could would see your feature page or banner ad which would then link through to your website.

Q. Is the Intown another one of those get rich on the Internet schemes we hear so much about?
A. Sadly many people have had bad experiences from offers on the Internet. There has been so many ‘fly by night’ operations which promise to promote your business, putting your name or logo on a shonky website which never gets visitors and then they take off with your hard earned money leaving you with no value.
Well the content and longevity of the Intown Network speaks for itself. There are over 1500 pages of information across the network and we have been trading on the web for 12 years and in that time have developed a huge return visitor base and many happy customers.
The Intown team members have forged great ties with the greater Geelong community where they are based. They have played major roles in helping many of the events and attractions in the community and have had roles on local television and radio, all in an effort to promote this region to its full potential.